Wednesday, November 21, 2012


For part of Amanda's research, we have to get in the water and kick around the substrate while holding a net downstream to catch any bugs that may be there.  Well...what if she asked you to "kicknet" just downstream of this... about 350 rotting, dead wildebeest.  They smell extremely bad...the type of smell that makes you gag...crocodiles have moved into the area to feed on them...there around about 50 vultures and marabou storks all over them....and the list goes on as to why this is not a fun part of the job.

So...what do I do?  Instead of getting in the water, we "modify" the method a bit and just sweep the net around a bit on the bottom just downstream of the bodies.  What did we find?

...broken down wildebeest meat and hair lining the entire bottom of the river below the bodies.  Disgusting.  No bugs.  Check.  Time to move on.  

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